Group System 30 Class Pack


The Group System Class Pack is everything you need in order to use the Heart Tech Plus system in your classes! The class pack includes the following:

  1. 30 Sensr 4.0s: The Sensr 4.0 heart rate armband uses optical heart rate technology provided by Valencell, which offers accurate heart rate and steps utilizing a built-in accelerometer. It comes with two adjustable bands (small and large) and is water resistant. It has an easy magnetic charging dock and the rechargeable battery gives you a full 20 hours of power and 8 hours of memory. The Sensr 4.0 also has three zone lights which helps the user track heart rate zones easily.
  2. 1 Charging/Storage Case: With this case, you no longer have to worry about cords getting tangled or whether or not you connected your charger correctly. This case allows you charge up to 30 Sensor 4.0s simultaneously and allows you to transport your equipment easily.
  3. 1 HUB/WASP: The HUB/WASP communicates wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks to other devices such as iPads. The HUB/WASP receives data from connected Sensor 4.0s, translates the data into BLE or Wi-Fi packets, and immediately transmits live data to the iPad.
  4. 1 Web Portal License: The web portal is where the instructor creates sensor sets, creates classes, and imports users into classes. The web portal is where you can generate reports which can include max heart rate, average heart rate, times in each heart rate zone, times in each step rate zone, calories burned, moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) minutes, recovery heart rate, total steps, and steps per minute.

This class pack also grants access to the HTP HOME app where users can complete workouts at home and all data will still be uploaded to the web portal for easy viewing for the instructor.

With a purchase of this class pack, free online (Zoom) trainings will be included!

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