Heart Tech Plus Announces the Release of the HTP HOME App

Heart Tech Plus has officially released the HTP HOME app in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. With the app being iOS and Android compatible, this allows all individuals the chance to take ownership of their health along with collecting and tracking important fitness data to help improve physical fitness and emotional wellness. Heart Tech Plus is committed to help physical educators, fitness instructors, and individuals of all ability levels to take advantage of this game changing technology. The HTP HOME app allows users to use the Heart Tech Plus platform on an individual level. With the app, users can participate in any physical activity that they choose. If a device has Bluetooth connection, users are able to connect our new heart rate sensor, the Sensr 4.0, to the app and track heart rate and much more.

The HTP HOME app allows users to choose between two different workout types: Heart Rate and Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) and Steps. With the Heart Rate and MVPA workout, users are able to collect and track data that includes heart rate, MVPA time, calorie expenditure, points, total steps, and average heart rate. The app also has a Recovery button that allows users to track their recovery heart rate to help them determine their current fitness levels. With the Steps workout, users are able to collect and track steps per minute, total steps, points, MVPA time, and approximate distance.

Heart Tech Plus understands that funding can be slim and often hard to find. To help with this, the HTP HOME app can still be used without a heart rate sensor. The app has the capability to have several devices act as a pedometer. The app will convert step rate into MVPA time while still collecting total steps, points, and approximate distance.

With a web portal license, all data will sync to the web portal for easy viewing. For physical educators, students can complete workouts outside of class. Teachers can still collect and view all of this data along with viewing multiple types of reports. This can help physical educators motivate students while holding them accountable at the same time.

Purchase the Sensr 4.0 and a web portal license today to take advantage of this game changing technology!

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